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Chinese is our Living Language

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The Living Skills Environment

Chinese Language Emphasis

Home-simulated environment

Nurturing Eco-Habits

Social And Cognitive Development

Holistic Character Development

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Our Guiding Principles

Child As

Active Learner



The path of teaching

the child



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We adopt a Plan-Do-Review model, which emphasises active participatory learning and encourages a sense of purpose and reflection.


Teachers put their thoughts into action through curated activities that are planned and carried out by the child. Young learners are given the opportunity and freedom to construct their own knowledge through interactions with their environment, teachers and peers.

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Learning Outcome

Appreciate Chinese heritage and Culture

Love their families, friends, teachers, and school

Listen and speak with understanding, especially in Mandarin



We had transferred our daughters from a reputable child-care, and we never looked back.  They have been enthusiastically engaging us in Mandarin, and in the short 2 months, they have gone from barely managing to speaking Mandarin in complete sentences…  

- Mr and Mrs Ng

Jayden is now enjoying primary school very much, learnt a lot and excelled in his Chinese (with strong Chinese foundation fostered during the 4 years with SHHK). 

- Ms Jenny

I see the impact and difference it has made in the growth and progress of my child’s learning path. My son has grown to be strongly bilingual, confident, caring and expressive.”           

- Mrs Hann Jansenl

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