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Our Guiding Principles

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool adopts a Plan-Do-Review model, which emphasises active participatory learning and encourages a sense of purpose and reflection.



Teachers act as facilitators, providing support to children as they put their thoughts into action through curated activities that are planned and carried out by the child.

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This approach gives young learners the opportunity and freedom to construct their own knowledge through interactions with their environment, teachers and peers.


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Parents’ participation can boost a child’s learning success. You will be engaged regularly throughout your child’s learning journey at our Pre-School.  Your home is the extended classroom and as parents, you will reinforce your child’s experience in tandem with what happens in our Pre-School.

Teaching Approach

Learning Through

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Our teaching comprises four key components:

Accumulative Experimenting

Quality Interaction with the Environment

Sustained Exploration

Purposeful Play

We follow the path of teaching the child to Apply, Facilitating their learning and Reinforcing what they learnt.

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Learning Outcome

A happy, caring and loving child who is able to:

Love their families, friends, teachers, and school;


Appreciate Chinese heritage and culture;


Relate to others;


Listen and speak with understanding, especially in Mandarin;

Be curious and eager to explore; and


Know what’s right and wrong.

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