Our Unique Programmes


holistic character development programme

Holistic Character Development Programme
Your child learns the 8 core values: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Harmony, Resilience, Sincerity and Perseverance Through:

– the experience of others (story-telling, drama, role-playing),
– personal exploration (daily experience)
– exposure and integration to nature



Your child has daily opportunities to choose what they want to do using a Plan-Do-Review model. We believe every child is an active learner and they best learn from activities they plan and do themselves, facilitated by the teachers.


Living Garden

Children participate in all aspects of preparation, growth, observation, care, harvest and evaluation. Through:

  • * Individual projects – growing of green plants
  • * Class projects – growing of fruits and vegetables* Sensory Zone – observation of flora and fauna



Music And Movement Exposure And Engagement (M2E2) Syllabus
Music lessons will never be the same again. We adopt the Orff Approach to Music. Lessons are injected with a “natural sense of play” element for your child to learn at their own level of understanding.

Your child will be exposed to local, Chinese and western music through:
exploration -> discovery -> experiment -> appreciation -> imagination -> creation

A special Movement Programme, incorporating wushu and dance is designed and conducted by professionals from the SHHK Dance Theatre.


Art Syllabus
The Art Programme focuses on observation and emotion sensing skills. Lessons are designed to boost the use of art as a form of expression.

(Visual observation + Emotion sensing) -> (Interpretation + Expression) = Creation