Our Unique Curriculum

 In addition to adopting the curriculum framework set out by the Early Childhood Development Agency, SHHK Preschool offers a Special Programme which combines two components: Living Skills and Holistic Character Development Programme.

Our unique curriculum incorporates HighScope-inspired learning, thematic based learning and project based learning.


Through the holistic bilingual education at SHHK Pre-school, every child is equipped with practical knowledge, language capabilities, soft skills and confidence needed to excel in the classroom and beyond!

Life Skills Education (Highscope-Inspired Learning)

Children of different ages come together in a home-simulated environment, where a Plan-Do-Review process is introduced.  They learn life skills through purposeful play, quality interactions with the environment, accumulative experimenting and sustained exploration.  Examples of key skills learnt in this home-simulated environment are using chopsticks and utensils, tying shoelaces, folding clothes, managing money, etc.

Living Skills Living Skills

Holistic Character Development

Having good character is as important as good grades. At SHHK Pre-school, we aim to inculcate and nurture a holistic child based on eight core values, namely Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Harmony, Resilience, Sincerity and Perseverance. This is achieved through:

– the experience of others (story-telling, drama, role-playing);

– personal exploration (daily experience); and

– exposure and integration to nature.

Character Development

Social and Cognitive Development

From aged 3 years onwards, children are more observant and capable of sorting the things they see or experience into categories. Hence we expose them to different activities such as Music and Movement to aid their cognitive development.

(Visual observation + Emotion sensing) -> (Interpretation + Expression) = Creation

Music And Movement Exposure And Engagement (M2E2) Syllabus

We adopt the Orff Approach to Music where lessons are injected with a “natural sense of play” element for your child to learn at their own level of understanding. To broaden your child’s horizon, we will expose your child to local, Chinese and western music. They learn through:

exploration -> discovery -> experiment -> appreciation -> imagination -> creation

To help develop their social and motor skills, the children will also participate in a Special Movement Class incorporating wushu and dance, designed and conducted by professionals.

Music & Movement

Art Syllabus

Our Art classes focus on observation and emotion sensing skills. Lessons are designed to boost the use of art as a form of expression.

Living Garden

Our curated syllabus incorporates nurturing eco-habits and respect for Nature through Living Garden projects. Children participate in the preparation, growth, observation, care, harvest and evaluation of our Living Garden.



They learn how to grow green plants, fruits and vegetables, observe what is required to help the plants survive as well as pick the vegetables which will be cooked and eaten in the classroom, facilitated by the teachers.

Living Garden