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我也很欣赏您们通过孩子与父母分享月饼的方式灌输优良的传统价值观,以及通过轻松的游戏和制作灯笼促进亲子关系,您们为孩子做出的这一番努力真的值得珍惜和赞扬。再次的感谢您们的付出和奉献!” ~杨奕恬敬启

“my daughter always look forward to go to school and come back with such excitements sharing songs, skills, plays, etiquette and stories…she can read simple Chinese children books every night without fail. What she is today, is definitely the result of the much efforts put in by principal, her teachers, and other teachers in the school.

- giving students a physically, mentally and socially safe environment to explore, to learn to be curious, to learn knowledge and skills
- helping students grow into his/her full potential
- not giving up hope on students
- creating so many ‘interesting doors’ that attract and engage students to explore and learn.” 

~ Mrs Au Yeong


“… we had transferred our daughters from a reputable child-care, and we never looked back.  Our daughters have never been so motivated to attend school… they have been enthusiastically engaging us in Mandarin, and in the short 2 months, they have gone from barely managing to speaking Mandarin in complete sentences…  We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers, Principal and the rest of the staff for adoring our daughters and teaching them so well.  All your effort has restored our confidence that our daughters can and will excel in Chinese language and other aspects of learning in time to come…”

~ Mr and Mrs Ng


“… 入学以来,我能感受到她在您的幼儿园里得到了老师们的悉心爱护…每天过的开心愉快,并且学了很多本领。谢谢您们的关心和爱护,今后也拜托您们了.”  

~ 乐妈妈


“My son is a good-natured and keen learner who has shown improvements with the school’s help… Thank you greatly.”

~ Mr & Mrs Cheah



~ 邱妈妈


“… my son has improved tremendously in his Mandarin… we also noticed that he has picked up Mathematics. Thank you, teachers for your great work.”

~ Mrs Foo

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